Ariel your Representee, Representee of Ephraim and adviser (not a rabbi but friendly adviser) of Bet Yisrael international on the Har HaBayit.

 Ariel your Representee, Representee of Ephraim and adviser (not a rabbi but friendly adviser) of Bet Yisrael international on the Har HaBayit. 

Ariel your Representee, 
Representee of Ephraim and adviser (not a rabbi but friendly adviser) for Bet Yisrael international on the Har HaBayit and to all the Israeli people.

I am born in Holland and became on a later age a Ba’al Teshuva:
Originally, the term referred to a Jew who transgressed the halacha (Jewish law) knowingly or unknowingly and completed a process of introspection to "return" to the full observance of Elohim's mitzvot.

Why? My mother was a descendant of the
Marranos: Marranos were Spanish and Portuguese Jews living in the Iberian Peninsula who converted or were forced to convert to Christianity during the Middle Ages but continued to practice Judaism in secrecy.
By the time I was born, after generations of almost ‘complete’ assimilation, all what was left of ‘our Jewishness’ was nothing more than a strange figure in the family. Who only visited us when there was a new-born, or someone died. He had a big beard, and his name was Solomon. Until my forty I was a ‘Lost-Jew’……

Feeling as a Jew but nobody recognized me as a Jew. In my education I was completely non-Jewish. My father taught me that I was ‘sick’ when I talked about my Jewish feelings. But many, outside my family, jelled at me that I was a ‘
dirty -Jew’…… Everywhere where I came as a tourist, out of nowhere people came to me with the question: ‘Are you Jewish?’

My parents educated me as a ‘good-Roman Catholic’. With my six I became an ‘altar-boy’ (mis dinar). A servant of the priest when he did the service for the people. Never I had, until I started by myself, a good Jewish education. I was a good ‘altar-boy’ until my twelfth year when I asked him, the priest, ‘please tell me: ‘What am I doing here?’ ‘Who or what is g-d?’ ‘I don’t understand.’ The priest put his hand on my shoulder and answered me (in fact not): ‘don’t worry it comes alright’. I reacted ‘sorry, but that is not an answer.’ He said again: ‘don’t worry it comes alright’. I said to him ‘Now I am an atheist! I have nothing the do here! Good by!’ As a matter I didn’t became an atheist, still I believed that there is an Elohim, who gave us at least Ten Commandments, but I didn’t know what the do with it.

By my thirteenth year in ’67 when I heard and saw about the six-day war in the middle east on TV……. I became in a shock…… My ‘heart stood still’ I needed to go home….. To help my family to survive….. But I didn’t know what the do with it. My mother was silent….. But she had tears in her eyes when she saw the news on the TV….. My father said that I was ‘crazy’……

With my seventeen The Jesus People came to a village near by my hometown. They gave an rock concert….. In the break a young lady talked about Jesus and asked on the end of her telling me: ‘Ask g-d forgiveness of your sins and ask Jesus to come in your live’…… I did….. And someone ‘appeared’ (in a vision) to me ‘hanging on a piece of wood.’ That ‘person’ asked me: ‘Leo (Now Ariel) may I come in your live?’……. I….. I started loudly to cry….. I felt me so guilty of my sins to Elohim but in the same time I became overwhelmed by an intense joy that Elohim forgives me because of that ‘person’ ‘dying’ for me…… I didn’t understand what the meaning of this ‘experience’ was…… But many years later I came to the ‘conclusion’-’convinced’, after learning the Hebrew of the Tanach, koine Greek of the NT and reading for many years the Babylonian Talmud in two languages and observing all the Mitzvoth Hashem gave us through Moshe Rabbeinu, that that ‘person’ is/was nobody else than: ‘The Tzaddik HaDor of the generation of the NT.’ See: The Tzaddik HaDor (

‘There is confusion regarding the idea of the Tzaddik Hador, the righteous leader of the generation. There are many tzaddikim, many righteous men, rabbis, teachers, and hidden ones. But there is only one tzaddik hador, and if we merit, he becomes the Tzaddik Emet.
Tzaddik Emet is the soul of "Moshe - Moshiach", the redeemer. Throughout history there has been and only will be seven times, 7 gigulim of the neshomah (7 re-entries into this world of the essence of the soul) of Moshe Rebbaynu (Moses our Teacher), the soul of the Moshe Moshiach (Zohar Parshat Mishpatim and Ari Zal - Sha'arei Gigulim). These times have been Moshe Rebbaynu (Moses our Teacher), some count Dovid HaMelech (King David), Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai (Rashbi), the Ari HaKodesh, the Baal Shem Tov, some count Rebbe Nachman of Breslev, some count the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson of Chabbad.* We are presently waiting for the last manifestation - in Moshiach.’ (Reb Nati)



When I was eighteen years my mother, while she was in her process of dying, asked me: ‘Please Leo (Now Ariel) Pray? Because you are Jewish’. Before she left us she told me that I am Jewish…..


After my ‘experience’ with The Jesus People I went from one ‘Christian’ group to another but I never found my place with them and they never accepted me…… Yeh….. without any Torah knowledge, still, I couldn’t come to ‘pray’ to that ‘person’ in my vision because he is/was NOT Hashem! I understand it very well that that is forbidden.

With my twenty five years I gave up to try to be ‘Christian’….. And started on my own to learn the Biblical Languages, Hebrew and koine Greek, and learning to read the Tanach and the Talmud in two languages….. In the university library of my hometown a few nights in the week for many, many years. I also readied a lot of the history of the NT scriptures in a scientific approach. Always when I read these books, I have the same ‘feeling’ as when
The Tzaddik HaDor appeared in my live……

So slowly, slowly, over the years I became a Torah Observant…… I bought Tefillin and Tsit-sit and fulfilled so good as possible my Jewish Live. On my own in Holland.


More than 10 years, the last 10 years in Holland, I lived an Torah Observant live….. As an Torah Observant Jew I was very lonely….. Judaism was not so great in Holland. Not many Jews after world war II….. No contact.
While I had a lot of non-Jewish friends….. After high school I became a social worker, and I worked in a refuge-camp (with Asylum seekers). Also, I was for more than 10 years a timely foster parent, for more than 10 children. Every child I had for around 2,5 years. Their age was between 7 – 10 years old. I gave total care with government governances. Their parents had difficulties. In this way I helped them. By sending the children, after short time be their parent, back to their parents.

With my forty year I became in a ‘heavy crisis’. I became so depressive, that I couldn’t work anymore……My wife divorced from me….. My father died….. and my loneliness as a Jew. This all together was too much for me. I went to the hospital for a weekly visit to the psychology department in the hospital. The weekly talking’s did me very good. After six months I wrote a letter to a Dutch Jewish organization to ask for help, what the do with my ‘Jewish live’? I wrote that they must help me at least to come up with a conversion process. I wrote also that they are responsible if something should happen to me (antisemitism). Because I live a ‘complete’ Jewish live. Walk with ‘side-locks’ and wear ‘tsi-sit’ and I find no ‘fellow’ Jew who likes to help me….. Within a week I received an answer. They arranged an appointment with a Dutch Rabbi in Amsterdam for me. We had a short but an amazing ‘contact’! In a few words I talked with him. I asked, ‘please help me? I cannot go further like this! Give me the ‘right’ ‘command’ and I do it. You are a Rabbi and I ‘honor’ and ‘follow’ so good as possible your ‘command. Whatever it is.’ He answered: ‘Okay, I ‘command’ you. You cannot walk around here with that ‘outfit’ (Kipa, Tsi-sit). Very dangers! There is nothing here for you, almost nothing left. (Judaism). My ‘command’: Go to Israel! I don’t give an address or somebody where you can go too. But go! Maybe as a tourist. Look around and be under the people! You shall find your way! Home!’


After this visit I went ‘home’, to my hometown in Holland. This rabbi changed everything for me. He ‘putted me back’ where I was when I was in my twenty and fifth years. When I did a great ‘mistake’! When I took the worse and most wrong decision in my life! I was on my first trip to/in Israel, an amazing trip! In that time, I started to become Torah Observant. When I landed in Israel, I kissed the ground on the Airport. Travel through the whole country. From North to South. Everywhere where I was, I felt home. So many Jews. Many asked ‘are you Jewish’ my answer was always ‘I don’t know’. Whatever I told them about myself they said, ‘you are Jewish’! I met a rabbi in Kiriyat Arba (near Hebron), who also told me that I am Jewish. He really teaches me that I am Jewish! Many years later I discover that he is a very well know rabbi. I learned a lot from him in Yeshivoth (Torah High School’s) and from many books he wrote. He offered me to stay. Promised me an apartment and a job as a carpenter. And should take care that I became an Israeli….. But…… It was too much for me. To realize to be a real Jew from one moment on another moment. I rejected his offer….. My terrible mistake! So, I went back to Holland……

Back in Holland I decided to stay in Holland. If I liked to live, I needed to merry, I was thinking. What I did a civil marriage because the woman I found was not Jewish. Next mistake followed by many other mistakes…… Growing out into a ‘heavy crises that I reached by my fortieth year. Still, learned a lot about real live special human live. Human live when I looked in her/his eyes, I can learn to look in her/his heart…. into her/his soul. Sometimes, when I looked in my fellowmen’s eyes, I could look many generations back in my fellowmen’s soul. I cannot use that in a ‘formula’, or as a ‘technic’. But it is there as a part of my live. Sometimes, not always, I can look in the soul of my fellow man. What I learned out of studying the ‘Living Torah’: reading our ‘Oral-Law’ given to Moshe Rabbeinu near the written Law written out by our Jewish fore parents. The written Law and Oral Law are a unity. One cannot be without the other. Our ‘traditions’……. It is the ‘traditions’ (‘remembering’ the ‘knowledge’ around the ‘written Torah’) from/for Yehuda and Ephraim by the Jews.


But real live is not only studying the ‘Living Torah’ but to: ‘obey the voice of יהוה your Elohim, to guard His commands and His laws which are written in this Book of the Torah’.

Deu 30:10 if you obey the voice of יהוה your Elohim, to guard His commands and His laws which are written in this Book of the Torah, if you turn back to יהוה your Elohim with all your heart and with all your being.

י כִּ֣י תִשְׁמַ֗ע בְּקוֹל֙ יְהֹוָ֣ה אֱלֹהֶ֔יךָ לִשְׁמֹ֤ר מִצְו‍ֹתָיו֙ וְחֻקֹּתָ֔יו הַכְּתוּבָ֕ה בְּסֵ֥פֶר הַתּוֹרָ֖ה הַזֶּ֑ה כִּ֤י תָשׁוּב֙ אֶל־יְהֹוָ֣ה אֱלֹהֶ֔יךָ בְּכָל־לְבָֽבְךָ֖ וּבְכָל־נַפְשֶֽׁךָ:


When Yehuda and Ephraim come ‘the point’ ‘to guard His commands and His laws which are written in this Book of the Torah.

As YeshaYahu is teaching:

Isa 11:9 – 16 They do no evil nor destroy in all My set-apart mountain, for the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of Adonai as the waters cover the sea.

ArielHarhaBait: They do no evil nor destroy in all My set-apart mountain: The start for the ‘restoration’ of the service Hashem. The Temple shall be built with the A’aron Kodesh on her RIGHT PLACE. * Yudah and Ephraim coming UNITED: Am Yisrael. See verse Isa 11:13.
Rashi: knowledge of the Lord: [lit.] to know the Lord.

10 And on that day, there shall be a Root of Yishai, standing as a banner to the people. Unto Him the nations shall seek, and His rest shall be esteem.

Rashi: as a banner for peoples: that peoples should raise a banner to gather to him.

11 And it shall be in that day that Adonai sets His hand again a second time to recover the remnant of His people who are left, from Ashshur and from Mitsrayim, from Pathros and from Kush, from Ěylam and from Shin‛ar, from amath and from the islands of the sea.

Rashi: a second time: Just as he acquired them from Egypt, when their redemption was absolute, without subjugation, but the redemption preceding the building of the Second Temple is not counted, since they were subjugated to Cyrus.

and from the islands of the sea: the islands of the Kittim, the Romans, the descendants of Esau.

And he shall raise a banner: Perka, perche in O.F. [i.e., the verse is literally referring to the pole upon which the banner is attached.] And it shall be for a sign to gather to him and to bring the exiles of Israel to Him as a present.

12 And He shall raise a banner for the nations, and gather the outcasts of Yisra’ěl, and assemble the dispersed of Yehua from the four corners of the earth.

13 And the envy of Ephrayim shall turn aside, and the adversaries of Yehua be cut off. Ephrayim shall not envy Yehua, and Yehua not trouble Ephrayim.

Rashi: Ephraim shall not envy Judah: The Messiah, the son of David, and the Messiah, the son of Joseph, shall not envy each other.

14 But they shall fly down upon the shoulder of the Philistines toward the west; together they plunder the people of the east, their hand stretching forth on Eom and Moa, and the children of Ammon shall be subject to them.

Rashi: And they shall fly of one accord against the Philistines in the west: Heb. בְכָתֵף. Israel will fly and run of one accord against the Philistines who are in the west of Eretz Israel and conquer their land. [כָּתֵף, lit. a shoulder, is used in this case to denote unity. The word שֶׁכֶם, also lit. a shoulder, is used in a similar sense.] Comp. (Hoshea 6:9) “They murder on the way in unison (שֶׁכְמָה) ”; (Zeph. 3:9) “One accord (שְׁכֶם אֶחָד).” And so did Jonathan rendered it: And they shall join in one accord to smite the Philistines who are in the west.

and the children of Ammon shall obey them: As the Targum states: Will hearken to them. They will accept their commandments over them.

15 And Adonai shall put under the ban the tongue of the Sea of Mitsrayim, and He shall wave His hand over the River with the might of His Spirit, and shall strike it in the seven streams, and shall cause men to tread it in sandals.

Rashi: And… shall dry up: [lit. shall cut off] to dry it, so that the exiles of Israel will pass through it from Egypt.

over the river: The Euphrates River, for the exiles from Assyria to cross.

with the strength of His wind: Heb. בַּעְיָם. This is hapax legomenon in Scripture, and according to the context it can be interpreted as “with the strength of His wind.”

into seven streams: into seven segments, for the aforementioned seven exiles: from Assyria and from Egypt, etc. Those from the islands of the sea are not from that side.

and He shall lead: the exiles within it.

with shoes: on dry land.

16 And there shall be a highway for the remnant of His people, those left from Ashshur, as it was for Yisra’ěl in the day when he came up from the land of Mitsrayim.

Rashi: And there shall be a highway: amid the water for the remnant of His people.

*To ‘obey the voice of יהוה your Elohim’ by the ‘setting up’ of the A’aron Kodesh in her right Place: The Kodesh Kodeshim in building of the Temple. See Isa 11:9. As it must be:

Exo 18:16 “When they have a matter, they come to me, and I rightly rule between one and another, and make known the laws of Elohim and His Torot.
Rashi: If any of them has a case, he comes to me: The one who has the case comes to me.

טז כִּי־יִֽהְיֶ֨ה לָהֶ֤ם דָּבָר֙ בָּ֣א אֵלַ֔י וְשָׁ֣פַטְתִּ֔י בֵּ֥ין אִ֖ישׁ וּבֵ֣ין רֵעֵ֑הוּ וְהֽוֹדַעְתִּ֛י אֶת־חֻקֵּ֥י הָֽאֱלֹהִ֖ים וְאֶת־תּֽוֹרֹתָֽיו:

כִּי־יִֽהְיֶה לָהֶם דָּבָר בָּאמִי שֶׁהָיָה לוֹ הַדָּבָר – בָּא אֵלַי:

Exo 25:22 “And I shall meet with you there, and from above the lid of atonement, from between the two keruim which are on the ark of the Witness, I shall speak to you all that which I command you concerning the children of Yisra’ěl. 
Rashi: I will arrange My meetings with you there: When I arrange a meeting for you to speak with you, [it is at] that place that I will arrange for the meeting where I will come to speak to you.
and I will speak with you from atop the ark cover: But elsewhere it says: “and the Lord spoke to him from the Tent of Meeting, saying…” (Lev. 1:1). That is the Mishkan, outside the dividing curtain [whereas the ark was within the dividing curtain]. The two verses are found to contradict one another. The third verse comes and reconciles them. "And when Moses came into the Tent of Meeting…he heard the voice speaking to him from atop the ark cover" (Num. 7:89). [The solution is that] Moses would enter the Mishkan and as soon as he came within the doorway, a voice would descend from heaven to [the place] between the cherubim, from where it emanated and was heard by Moses in the Tent of Meeting. — [from Sifrei, end of Naso]
and all that I will command you unto the children of Israel: Heb. וְאֵת. This “vav” [that Rashi adds, meaning “and,”] is superfluous, and there are many similar [examples] in the Torah. And you shall interpret it thus: "and all that I will speak with you there is all that I will command you unto the children of Israel."

כב וְנֽוֹעַדְתִּ֣י לְךָ֘ שָׁם֒ וְדִבַּרְתִּ֨י אִתְּךָ֜ מֵעַ֣ל הַכַּפֹּ֗רֶת מִבֵּין֙ שְׁנֵ֣י הַכְּרֻבִ֔ים אֲשֶׁ֖ר עַל־אֲר֣וֹן הָֽעֵדֻ֑ת אֵ֣ת כָּל־אֲשֶׁ֧ר אֲצַוֶּ֛ה אֽוֹתְךָ֖ אֶל־בְּנֵ֥י יִשְׂרָאֵֽל:

וְנֽוֹעַדְתִּיכְּשֶׁאֶקְבַּע מוֹעֵד לְךָ לְדַבֵּר עִמְּךָ, אוֹתוֹ מָקוֹם אֶקְבַּע לַמּוֹעֵד שֶׁאָבֹא שָׁם לְדַבֵּר אֵלֶיךָ:

וְדִבַּרְתִּי אִתְּךָ מֵעַל הַכַּפֹּרֶתוּבְמָקוֹם אַחֵר הוּא אוֹמֵר וַיְדַבֵּר ה' אֵלָיו מֵאֹהֶל מוֹעֵד לֵאמֹר (ויקרא א'), זֶה הַמִּשְׁכָּן, מִחוּץ לַפָּרֹכֶת, נִמְצְאוּ שְׁנֵי כְתוּבִים מַכְחִישִׁים זֶה אֶת זֶה, – בָּא הַכָּתוּב הַשְּׁלִישִׁי וְהִכְרִיעַ בֵּינֵיהֶם: וּבְבֹא מֹשֶׁה אֶל אֹהֶל מוֹעֵד, וַיִּשְׁמַע אֶת הַקּוֹל מִדַּבֵּר אֵלָיו מֵעַל הַכַּפֹּרֶת וְגוֹ' (במדבר ז'), מֹשֶׁה הָיָה נִכְנָס לַמִּשְׁכָּן, וְכֵיוָן שֶׁבָּא בְתוֹךְ הַפֶּתַח, קוֹל יוֹרֵד מִן הַשָּׁמַיִם לְבֵין הַכְּרוּבִים, וּמִשָּׁם יוֹצֵא וְנִשְׁמָע לְמֹשֶׁה בְּאֹהֶל מוֹעֵד (ספרי):

ואֶת כָּל־אֲשֶׁר אֲצַוֶּה אֽוֹתְךָ אֶל־בְּנֵי יִשְׂרָאֵֽלהֲרֵי וָי"ו זוֹ יְתֵרָה וּטְפֵלָה, וְכָמוֹהָ הַרְבֵּה בַּמִּקְרָא, וְכֹה תִפָּתֵר: וְאֶת אֲשֶׁר אֲדַבֵּר עִמְּךָ שָׁם אֵת כָּל אֲשֶׁר אֲצַוֶּה אוֹתְךָ אֶל בְּנֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל הוּא:

‘We are presently waiting for the last manifestation - in Moshiach.’ ‘Tzaddik Emet is the soul of "Moshe - Moshiach", the redeemer.’ Who shall be ‘revealed’ with the building of the Third Temple.

What we can learn about the coming one: Messiah-king ben David?

Pro 10:25 When the whirlwind passed, the wicked is no more; but the righteous is an everlasting foundation.

‘The Righteous One – The Foundation of the world, Adom Kadmon, Messiah who received the soul of, The Messenger of His Presence – מלאך פניו.
All ‘…..His commands and His laws which are written in this Book of the Torah…..’ Deu. 30: 10 All the Words spoken from between the Cherubim from ‘before His Presence…..’

What ‘makes’ Him The Righteous One!

In the Talmud ((Yoma 38b) is written:
1. Hiyya b. Abba also said in the name of R. Johanan: Even for the sake of a single righteous man does the world endure, as it is said: But the righteous is the foundation of the world. 26
2. Hiyya himself infers this from here: He will keep the feet of His holy ones’ 27 ‘Holy ones’ means many? — R. Nahman b. Isaac said: It is written: His holy’ one. 27
26 Pro 10:25 As the whirlwind passes by, the wrong one is no more, But the righteous (in Hebrew וצדיק יסוד עולם׃ ‘and the Righteous’ –singular-) has an everlasting foundation.
27 1Sa 2:9 “He guards the feet of His kind ones (in Hebrew חסידו ‘His Righteous One’ –singular-) but the wrong are silent in darkness, for man does not become mighty by power.

18th Century Jewish tzaddik, Rebbe Nachman of Breslev:

“If the Tzaddik displays exceptional spiritual powers, the mystery does not lie in some notion of intrinsic superiority. The spirituality he possesses IS THE SPIRITUALITY OF THE TORAH ITSELF!! – for the Tzaddik is one who has brought his entire being so totally under the dominion of the Torah that his every thought is a Torah thought, every word he says is Torah, and every deed is for the sake of Torah. This explains why the Rabbis said, “How foolish are the people who rise out of respect before a Sefer Torah (Torah scroll) but will not stand up in honor of a great man (Maccot 22b). For the Tzaddik is one whose every thought, word and deed is a MANIFESTATION OF TORAH. It is in this sense that the Tzaddik is the perfect exemplar of the COVENANT – because the TORAH ITSELF IS THE COVENANT. The Tzaddik does more than merely conform to the letter of the Law. Even in what is permitted to him, he sanctifies himself to the ultimate degree. It is through his complete devotion to the highest ideals of Torah that the divine power of the Torah shines through him and gives him access to powers unattainable by those who have not reached a similar sanctity.” (From Rabbi Nachman’s Tikkun, Tikkun HaKlali, page 100.’ See: The Tzaddik HaDor (

We didn’t hear ‘the voice of Hashem’ since the destruction of Salomo’s Temple (The First Temple.) In Herod’s Temple (The Second Temple) there was no ‘setting up’ of the A’aron Kodesh in her right Place……

Shortly after my visit with the
Dutch Rabbi in Amsterdam I had a last visit to the psychology department in the hospital. In my last talking I thanked the doctor for the help that he gave me to ‘found’ myself, coming to harmony in my myself. And I told him that I was ready to go to Israel. He advised me not to go because live there shall be too difficult for me. But he didn’t change my mind.
With the little bit of money, I had I booked a ticked for the airplane to Israel. Told my family and friends now it is the time, and I am not planning to come back……..

Within a few days I was on the plain to Eretz Yisrael, home!

When I landed on Ben Gurion, I kissed the ground and took immediately the bus to Jerusalem and went street to the Bait Din. And waited there a few hours. When they had time and saw me, they asked ‘What are you doing here? You are Jewish!’ I said ‘Yes, but I have no Jewish papers. I went to the archive in Holland and found no Jewish fore parents. Everywhere is written RC……. Please help me. I don’t go back! It is enough! Until now, nobody can help me.’ The rabbi asked me ‘You have papers from your fore parents? Can we look in it?’ They looked in it and said ‘Look here? ‘Goverdina’ before is a name erased. Dina is a Jewish name…. They made ‘Goverdina’ from it. You are Jewish!’ ‘What can I do with it?’ I asked. He told me ‘By law you are a ‘sofek’ (doubt). It must be ‘proven’. Go to a Yeshiva after a few months come back and you shall be declared Jewish.’ They checked my ‘Brit Mila’ and told me ‘They did it perfect, but it is done non-Jewish. We shall make it ‘complete’ by letting flow a little blood with a Baracha.’


My grant mother family name is ‘van Kessel’. I went to a library in Tel-Aviv where they have a computer with all the Jewish names. I putted in ‘van Kessel’ and the name came out as an acronym for the Jewish name: ‘Yechezkel’. Marranos changed their names in non-Jewish names, for themselves recognizable as ‘secret Jewish names’.

Immediately after my ‘visit’ to the Bait Din I went to the Kotel and my first Prayer there was for Ephraim and the righteous out/of the nations…… They are ‘Lost-Israelites’ like I was a ‘Lost-Jew’ - Lost but found by our own people.

The few months became around two and a halve year. I went to many different Yeshivoth (Jewish Torah High schools), fulltime Torah study, each with a different cultural background, mostly in Jerusalem and in the rest of Judea and Samaria. For me it was an amazing time! Everywhere they saw me as a family member. Of course, that was very interesting.

Then I appeared before three judged of the Bait Din in Jerusalem. Many of my fellow students and my ‘personal rabbi’ came with me.

These three judges’ had different questions that I need to answer. One of the questions, on the end: ‘Do you believe that ‘Jesus’ is G-d?’. I answered: ‘I don’t think so….. But, I learned Koine Greek from my father, and I believe he (Jesus), after what I read in the NT and other books, is the most righteous Jew of all. The reason I like to learn and the do all Mitswoth so good as possible!’ Immediately they send me, and my friends, outside the room. ‘Over 10 minutes we call you back’.

Outside, my ‘personal rabbi’, came to me and said ‘I knew it Ariel, but you never should say that! For me no different I am your friend! But here you destroyed everything.’ I reacted ‘no that is me I cannot lie!’ They called me alone inside and said: ‘Baruch Haba! Why didn’t you come earlier?’. I answered, ‘nobody in the Jewish world could help me, only the last rabbi that I met in Holland gave me ‘the right order’ where I asked for!’ When I left the room I cried in the arms of my new Israeli friends – family! We were dancing.

After the ‘recognition’ by Law I stopped to be ‘fulltime’ Yeshiva student….. I started to rent an apartment in one of the outskirts of Jerusalem….. I was very, very tired from all my experiences didn’t took good care of myself….. But Hashem started to bless me very intense. After a few weeks I met a most beautiful and lovely woman, born in Jerusalem, and we married very quickly…… We took very good care of each other. Hashem blessed us greatly with two children, a boy and a girl….. Our son Immanuel married and works on this moment, by the ‘chedder mihun’ (First care room) of a great hospital in Jerusalem. Our daughter studied on this moment second year, for dentist on the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. We are praying that she finds very soon a good husband after her heart……

In my sixties, Gaddi, who became a very good friend of my invited me to visit him in India, Hyderabad. And introduced me to many ‘lost Tribes of Israel’ people. I went to Mumbi in Maharashtra, Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh, Bangalore in Karnataka, Calcutta in West Bengal, Aizawl in Mizoram, Imphal in Manipur, Delhi in Haryana, Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir. In different trips. On the end of my first trip, I told Gaddi: ‘You must ‘create’ an organization here in India…… On my trips in India, I met many, many people. When I looked in their eyes….. I saw that they were with us when we were in Egypt, had the same experience in the desert where Moshe Rabbeinu received the Torah. The same fore parents as we have but ‘covered up’ deep, deep in their souls. All with different culture and religious ‘back-ground’…….

After my first trip Gadi started to create the organization Bet Yisrael International. Most of our contact is through video calls. Ones in the week I go up the Har Habayit (here in Jerusalem) through a video call they bring their prayers….. Gaddi prays on front of them the WatchMen Prayer. In some way like the Jewish Amida Prayer….. Many people of Bet Yisrael International study our Oral Law in two languages Hebrew-English and read everyday on their end of their daily Torah study a Siman from the ‘Kitzur Shulchan Arukh’ in Hebrew-English.

Their ‘desire’ is to develop in all freedom outside the modern state of Israel, to find their future Place in the King David Empire near the Jews in Love to their Jewish Brothers and Sisters. They understand the ‘way of the Righteous Gentile’ and that it is possible to become in the future fellow citizens in the coming King David Empire........

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