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.........חלום – chalom Julius

.........חלום – chalom Julius   ......... חלום – chalom By  Julius “Dreams” The word also means “heal” (Radak,Sefer Hashorashim) and may allude to the idea that sometimes dreams help the healing process after a trauma or tragedy. The word also bears a strong phonetic similarity to the word window — חלון —chalon, because a dream is also a window into the subconscious and the soul. A chassidic thinker once pointed out that if we rearrange the letters of חלום we can find either לוחם — lochem — fight, or מוחל —mochel — forgo. He said that when one has a dream, one has the choice to fight for it and make it come true or to forgo it and let it lapse.     Judaism, Dreams & Dream Interpretation Good dreams, bad dreams--do they mean anything? BY   RABBI LOUIS JACOBS   T he Bible expresses the belief that dreams can contain revelations from on high, as in the dreams of Jacob, Joseph, and Pharaoh in the book of Genesis. The prophetic vision, the Bible states ( Numbers 12:6 ), come