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ChaBaD Jewish Calendar Tuesday, February 28, 2023 7 Adar, 5783

 ChaBaD Jewish Calendar Tuesday, February 28, 2023 7 Adar, 5783 Jewish History Moses' Birth & Passing (1393 and 1273 BCE) Moses was born in Egypt on the 7th of Adar of the year 2368 from creation (1393 BCE) and passed away on his 120th birthday -- Adar 7, 2488 (1273 BCE) Links: A brief biography The Birth of a Leader The Head Moses Disappears More on Moses The Spanish Inquisition (1481) The Inquisition was created in the twelfth century to find "Christian heretics" who would be punished or killed. Eventually, Jews too were open to such charges of heresy, simply for being Jewish; and torture was routinely used to extract "confessions." Over the years, the inquisition, which operated with Papal consent, spread to many countries. In 1481 the Inquisition began to function in Spain to expose the secret Jews, known as the  Anusim  or  Marranos . This Inquisition was anti-Jewish more than in any previous countries. The first public sentencing and burning alive of s

Yahuda101 God’s gift to the world produced by the Jewish mind

God’s gift to the world produced by the Jewish mind By Yahuda101 A friend recently said  “ It's yet another enormous benefit to humanity produced by the Jewish mind, finally freed from dispersion among the nations of the world, liberated and safe in our own National Homelands.” --   Eliyahu Israeli scientists say they cured mice of Alzheimer’s using newly developed molecule Effectiveness shown via behavior tests and brain analysis, say authors of research; they stress it’s a small sample and progress to human drug, if successful, will take time By  NATHAN JEFFAY  21 February 2023, 10:14 pm   Click on image below Two months after Hitler was appointed chancellor, the German government issued the  Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service . the 7 April 1933 law ordered that those in government positions who had at least one Jewish grandparent or were political opponents of the Nazi Party be immediately dismissed. Thousands of people lost their jobs as teachers, judges, Layers of the Purim story

Image Layers of the Purim story     Hi friend, Now that we're in the month of Adar, it's almost Purim! This holiday is one of the most joyful days on the Jewish calendar. As chronicled in the Book of Esther , it commemorates the events of a foiled plot to massacre the Jews of ancient Persia. Today, Jews around the world celebrate with costumes, gifts of food, and lots of merriment. To get you ready, here are some fun ways to explore the holiday and go deeper into the Purim story.     Purim invites us to be silly, to dress up, to turn things upside-down. In that spirit, we created a digital versi

ChaBaD Jewish Calendar Monday, February 27, 2023 6 Adar, 5783

 ChaBaD Jewish Calendar Monday, February 27, 2023 6 Adar, 5783 Torah Reading Tetzaveh: Exodus 27:20 - 28:13 Jewish History Moses Completes the Torah (1273 BCE) Moses completed the book of Deuteronomy, concluding his  review of the Torah  which he began several weeks earlier, on the 1st of Shevat. He then wrote down the completed Five Books of Moses, word for word, as dictated to him by G-d. This scroll of the Torah was put into the Holy Ark, next to the Tablets of Testimony. Links: Moses' Passing Giving of the Torah First Print of Torah with Onkelos & Rashi (1482) The first edition of  the Five Books of Moses (Torah)  with the  Targum Onkelos  (Aramaic translation of the Torah) and the commentary of the famed commentator Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki, known as  Rashi , was published on this date in 1482. It was published in Bologna, Italy, by Joseph b. Abraham Caravita, who set up a printing-press in his own home. Links: Onkelos Rashi Learn Torah With Rashi Passing of R. Shmaryahu Gur